Friday, April 22, 2011

For Those Who Suffer From Chronic Mismanagement of Their Own Time

Leave work one half-hour early.
Think of all you could be doing to fill it up
this small treasure of open time.
On a large sheet of paper
make a list of every one of those things you know
you aught to be doing
or rather, make a chart.
Write upside down, along the edges and in corners.
Draw detailed diagrams with step by step instructions.
Include intricate illustration, underlining,
and exclamation points!
Don't stop
until every square inch of space is full.
Make it as demanding, as imposing
as impossible as you like.

Make it as demanding,
and imposing
and impossible as your life.
Read it over and take it all in.
Next, crease the chart evenly into a fold
along one edge.
Turn it over and fold again.
Continue until you have pleated the entire surface
into a paper fan.
All the words and diagrams will make
interesting designs along the edges and will be
completely illegible.
Fan in hand,
stretch out full length in a comfortable spot.
Gently fan yourself to sleep.

Becky Birtha 1948 -

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